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January 7, 2018

December 2017

by Dr. Recco Richardson, Ph, D.


Licensure Education Training & Adolescents for Better Learning Endeavors Programs

A publication of Recco S. Richardson Consulting, Inc. • Recco Santee Richardson, Ph.D., LPC

Issue 36 … December 2017

Dr. Recco’s Corner

The decision to pursue employment in education, social work, ministry, counseling and government is honorable. It can be viewed as a calling and personal mandate to help others move forward.

    At the core of the stated career paths is a   dedicated soul that longs to make a difference. From where I sit, it is wise to take time to appreciate and thank those who are standing in the gap and making a difference in the lives of others.

As such, I have few words for each called out and mandated service provider. To start with, please know that your decision to invest in clients is appreciated. Next, know that your dedication to your career path is commendable.

    Also know that your on-going sacrifice has not gone unnoticed. And know that your professionalism under pressure speaks volumes about your character.

    In addition, know that your ability to remain inspired is inspirational to others. And lastly, please know that because of you and your efforts, the world is a better place.


Children/Teens & Depression

By Recco Santee Richardson, Ph.D., LPC


    Depression that is found in children/teens is something that should be taken seriously and addressed. It can interfere with daily living, social functioning and well-being and if not treated, can lead to suicide. Children can experience depression at any age, even soon after birth. In infants and toddlers, depression can manifest in a number of ways including disrupted attachments to care providers, failure to thrive, developmental delays and separation anxiety.

    Depressed children/teenagers live in our neighborhoods, attend our churches, sit in our classrooms, date our children and are members of our immediate family. Depression is a mental health illness that can lie dormant for years. It is no respecter of persons in that it “can and will” show up in any race of people, gender, religion or social class (Patterson, 2011).

    Often childhood/teen years can feature a time of turmoil that is caused by the presence of mood swings and emotional chaos (Paterson, 2011). When attempting to figure out what is going on with their child/teen, the well-equipped and loving parent often wonders what happened to their once sweet child or what is going on with their child.

    When asked, children/teens who suffer from depression have a lot to say. They can be heard saying, “All I want to do is stay locked up in my room” or “No one ever understands me!” These are all statements either made by someone parenting a depressed child or by the actual depressed child themselves.

Defining Childhood/Teen Depression

    All children/teens have days when they feel happier or sadder. They may feel great when their team wins the championship game, when they get a good grade on a test, or when they are having fun at a party.

    They may feel really down when they have an argument with a friend, when their parents say no, or when they don’t get the role in the school play. Normal sadness passes in a reasonable amount of time.

    Depression lasts longer and feels deeper than normal sadness. It may cause children/teens to feel very bad about themselves and their future. It may affect their thoughts, behaviors, appetite, or ability to sleep. Depression may cause reality to be distorted, as if everything is negative and difficult, and problems may appear to be bigger.

How To Overcome Depression

    There are two good and quick ways   children/teens can address their depression.

Realistic Thinking:  To address depression and the associated thinking, it is good to replace the thinking with realistic thinking.

Realistic thinking helps to understand situations, see things clearly as they are, secure a sense of fairness and maintain a balanced way of looking at things.

Problem Solving: For many children/teens, the presence of depression is due to having to face several problems that seem overwhelming.

To address depression, problem solving needs to take place. After all, if you fail to  clearly identify a problem, it is hard to come up with a solution.

One way to identify problems is to pay attention to mood changes through the week. Notice what’s happening when there is a mood change: what were you thinking about, where were you, what happened just before your mood changed?

Closing Thoughts

    Though they may experience depression, children/teens can live fulfilled and happy lives. Depression can be dealt with, managed,  addressed and used as fuel to succeed.     The first step is to make a quality decision to no longer be depressed.

One Liner, Life Lines: Teens Helping Teens Make It Another Day (2016)

Book excerpts

    Written from the heart, below are typical American teens’ thoughts and ideas about life, education and their parents/guardians.

When teens speak out and share their feelings, it is not always to tear down others or gripe about what is wrong in their life.

    Sometimes, they just want others to know what they are thinking and what they have been through. They often desire a forum to help others via writing and expressing what they have learned over the years.

How We Feel About It

“Born to express, not to impress.” Michael Fischer

“Never say I can’t; always say I can.” Shawntera Fischer

“Life is short; don’t waste it.” Brandon Epps

“When life knocks you down, get up.” Shawntera Fischer

“You create your future.” Vivika Gonzalez

“Go where the wind takes you.” Hannah Pettit

“Quit complaining and do it.” Hannah Pettit

“You are what you make yourself.” Brandon Epps

“Success is for everyone.” Brandon Epps

“Relax and breathe.” Vivika Gonzalez

“A day for firm decisions.” Michael Fischer

“Each day is a chapter in your life story.” Hannah Pettit

“Focus on yourself, not others.” Vivika Gonzalez

“Train your mind to see the good.” Michael Fischer

“Appreciate the things you can’t see.” Michael Fischer

“Honesty is the key to freedom.” Brandon Epps

“Passion is the genesis of genius.” Michael Fischer

“Try your best.” Vivika Gonzalez

“Reading opens doors to new worlds.” Hannah Pettit

“Never give up and never give in.”  Zophieia Gonzalez

“The wise see their own flaws.” Michael Fischer

“Don’t let little things, ruin big things.” Zophieia Gonzalez

NCE “Confidence Builder” Workshops

     Our next eight-week National Counselor Exam “Confidence Builder” workshop session begins in January 2018 and ends in February 2018 (see below).

Flint, MI

Sessions begin Sunday January 7, 2018 and will meet eight consecutive Sundays 5 pm to 8 pm (3 hrs). The sessions will take place at Grace Cathedral Community Church, 1709 Nebraska Street, Flint, MI 48506.

100% of our participants passed the NCE on their first try!

    Our instructors are Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) who have taught master’s level counseling courses and/or are Limited Licensed Professional Counselors (LLPC) who have passed the NCE within the last 3 years.

    For more cost details and additional information you can call: (810) 394- 7815;

visit: or email:

ABLE Program

    The Adolescents for Better Learning Endeavors (ABLE) Program is designed to help school age youth move forward as a result of gaining new skills and competency.

The goal is for participants to be able to successfully participate within the school setting. The program helps participants improve their academics, social life, emotional maturity and decision-making skills.

ABLE Program Components

  • Individual Counseling  
  • Family Counseling            
  • Home Visits
  • Crisis Management
  • Parenting Workshops
  • Incentives & Awards
  • Support Groups
  • Exciting Fieldtrips

Licensure Education Training Program

    Offered by Recco S. Richardson Consulting, Inc., the Licensure Educational Training (LET) Program is an effective supervisory program that targets Limited Licensed Professional Counselors (LLPCs) who need supervision.

Coming LLPC Group Supervision

January 2018

Clarkston: Friday January 26, 2018 (6 pm – 10 pm)

Lansing: Saturday January 27, 2018 (4 pm – 8 pm)

February 2018

Clarkston: Friday February 16, 2018 (6 pm – 10 pm)

Lansing: Saturday February 17, 2018 (4 pm – 8 pm)

LET Services

Group Supervision: Monthly gatherings that review caseloads and discuss trends.

Individual Supervision: As requested, informal one-on-one sessions that provide personal attention and insightful strategies.

Communication: Unlimited monthly communication via phone, email and text.

Other: NCE workshops, counseling residencies, business services support, book

club and scholarly writing/research.

Services Offered By RSRC

Afterschool Programming 8 Staff Trainings/Development • Business/Entrepreneur Support • Individual/Family Counseling • Research Institute • Book Writing/Publishing       Treatment/Support Groups • Educational Services • Post-Adoption Services • School-Based Initiatives • LLPC Licensure Supervision • Compliance/Regulation • Grant/Proposal Writing • Cultural/Educational Fieldtrips • Youth Programming • Motivational Speaking  Program Development • Conferences/Retreats • NCE Test Workshops

Contact Us

Recco S. Richardson Consulting, Inc.      

Recco Santee Richardson, Ph.D., LPC                                           

3456 Pierson Place, Suite C

Flushing, MI 48433                               

(810) 394-7815 (Office)  

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