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NCE Workshops



The National Counselor Exam proves to be difficult, but with my workshops, your confidence to take the exam will be boosted and your knowledge will be sharpened because I prepare you in the best way possible.

Quick Facts

Sponsoring Agency:

Recco  S. Richardson Consulting, Inc. (RSRC) is a multi-faceted human services agency that provides innovative and effective mental health services, educational classes, seminars and research. With two offices in Genesee County and one in Oakland County, RSRC currently over 600 different persons (representing 13 counties) on a monthly basis.


The goal of our National Counselor Exam “Confidence Builder” Workshop (NCE-Confidence Builder Workshop) is to help individuals pass the national exam. Program activities provide additional instruction, guidance, preparation and support. In addition to our workshops, students are encouraged to use other study tools and guides (i.e. phone apps, flash cards).

Through workshops, study aids and practice, our programming enhances the practical and academic competencies that test-takers need to pass the national exam. Specifically, the addressing of plan of study, test content areas, personal anxiety and low confidence takes place.

The goal for participants is to improve their overall knowledge and comfort level with the national exams’ content areas. An emphasis is placed on gaining additional strategies and insight that builds confidence towards the national exam.

Our face-to-face workshops, live stream workshops and availability of our teaching staff works together to offer support,  positive energy, interactive discussions, test-taking skills and personal efficacy.  The learning style and personal needs of participants is taken into consideration.

The delivery of our workshops is based on years of faculty members’ graduate school teaching experience. Workshops are also based on relationship, best practices and promising approaches as identified in research.  Our workshop material is founded upon traditional mental health approaches, standardized test-taking philosophies, time-tested mental health counseling theories and creativity. 


By design, this program offers a quality overview and instruction. Participants should plan to use other study and learning aids (i.e. Encyclopedia of Counseling, flash cards, and personal reviews).

Text Books:

There are no required text books for the classes. However, students are encouraged to purchase/bring to class the purple Encyclopedia of Counseling book written by Howard Rosenthal. Instructors may reference and/or teach directly from the book.

Course Descriptions:

The courses are designed to help students learn and identify pertinent national exam information. The goal is for students to be able to apply their understanding and knowledge during the class and when they take the national exam.

Learning Outcomes:

For each class, the goal is for students to:

  • Demonstrate competence
  • Discuss strengths and limitations associated with the course material
  • Develop a better working knowledge of the subject matter
  • Discuss their understanding
  • With confidence, discuss various topics related to the course
  • Articulate and discuss their experiences with the topics
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