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A Typical Weekend Schedule

Typical Weekend Schedule:

Saturday                                                                                      Sunday
9:00 am Arrivals/Ice Breakers                                                 9:00 am Arrivals/Review

Youth Treatment/Support Group                                  Psycho-Educational Activities

9:30 am Parent Orientation

10:00 am Parenting Workshop


11:30 am Consultations

Noon Reflections

1pm Departures


Preventive Interventions:
Via treatment/support groups, psycho-educational activities, counseling sessions, group
mentoring and visitations, the following preventive interventions are offered:
Grief and Loss: The emotional reaction to loss and the sense of things not being fair.
Interpersonal conflict: The internal battle and issues within individuals.
Decision Making: The process of considering alternatives in a systematic manner.
Risky Behaviors: The close identification with unhealthy and dangerous situations.
Counseling Sessions: The exploring of emotions and expectations.
Anger Management: The channeling of negative emotions in a constructive manner.
Resistance Skills: The resisting of negative peer pressure and dangerous situations.
Relationship Building: The enhancing of meaningful relationships.

Youth Evaluation:
Each youth’s effort, attitude, emotional progress and cooperation will be evaluated by staff members. A score of 10 is needed in order to graduate. Youth who do not graduate will be encouraged to seek additional treatment at our agency. Youth who graduate are eligible for participation in our regularly scheduled programming (i.e. “Gifted Learner’s” Program, “Grades Up” Program, “Better Basic Behaviors” Program).

Parent Education:
A critical part of the program is our parent education component. On each Saturday morning, a 1.5 hour parenting workshop is offered. The sessions provide parents with critical insight, child management strategies, resources and support.

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