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Employment Agreement & Facts

Recco S. Richardson Consulting, Inc.

  1. All required pre-employment documents must be submitted prior to employment being offered.
  2. Each employee’s status is “Contractual” employee. For tax purposes, you can consider yourself a vendor, independent contractor or self-employed. Employees are encouraged to consult their CPA regarding establishing a DBS or incorporating as a business.
  3. There are no benefits associated with your employment. Specifically, there is no paid vacation time, no paid sick time, no overtime, no payment for clients not seen, no unemployment benefits, no taxes taken out of your pay check, etc.
  4. Employees will be compensated upon reception of payment for services from the insurance company, contract or client. In some instances it can take upwards of 8 weeks before payment is received. Paychecks are distributed every six weeks.
  5. Master’s level therapist are compensated $25 – $45 per full individual/family session (50 minutes), $20 per half session (less than 50 minutes) and $45 per group session (90 minutes).
  6. Volunteers are not compensated. High school graduates and bachelor’s level staff are compensated at an hourly rate of $10 – $20 per hour. Interns (regardless of degree being sought) may or may not be compensated.
  7. Master’s level coordinators or specialist are compensated $12 – $15 per  administrative hour. Special projects rate of compensated are negotiated.
  8. Master’s level instructors/specialist are compensated $30 – $45 per hour. Special workshops and tutoring rates of compensated are negotiated.
  9. RSRC is responsible for providing staff members with office space, referrals, required forms, basic office equipment, supervision, basic office support, occasional marking/advertising, etc. Staff members are responsible for their business cards, cell phones, scheduling clients, etc.


  _____________________________________                                             __________________

Staff Member                                                                                                               Date


  _____________________________________                                              __________________

Clinical Director                                                                                                           Date

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