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Theoretical Framework

ABLE is governed by time-tested theories of human development and current research trends.

Research Findings:

Students fail to make the connection between healthy emotions and good grades (Hertel, 2004). Children and adolescents with high levels of external assets in the home, school and community environments were significantly less likely to engage in risk taking behaviors (Resiliency Research Report, 2001; Search Institute, 2006).

At the core of successful childhood development is the acquiring of skills in the area of behaviors, cognition, appearance management, social support and sexuality (Stolz, Olsen & Joseph, 2005). Teens and children who talk about their feelings and underlying frustrations are more likely to learn to self-regulate and behave better next time (Gottlieb, 2010).

To address their depression, youth need to be prepared emotionally and socially via training, mentoring, social support, self-respect and personal empowerment (Pettit, Lewinsohn, & Yaroslavsky, 2011).

Sponsoring Agency:

Recco S. Richardson Consulting Inc. (RSRC) is a multi-faceted human services agency that provides innovative and effective mental health services, educational classes, seminars and research.  Currently over 500 different persons (representing 13 counties) are serviced on a monthly basis through our two Genesee County offices and one Oakland County office. The organization was founded in 2005 by Recco Santee Richardson, Ph.D., LPC.

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