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LET Overview

Recco S. Richardson Consulting Inc.

LET Application

Licensure Educational Training (LET) Program

“An Effective Professional Counselor Licensure Supervision Program”


Program Overview

The Licensure Educational Training (LET) Program is an effective supervisory program that targets Limited Licensed Professional Counselors (LLPCs) who need supervision and/or who have yet to pass the National Counselor Exam. LLPC status must be in place in order to participate.

LET intends to enhance participant’s counseling skills, competence, confidence, etc. The program is designed to provide quality supervision, promote personal growth in critical areas, provide guidance, promote professional development and prepare participants for the national exam.  It can be expected that regular encouragement/motivation and a meaningful steps in the right direction will be provided.

Statement of Need

Individuals with a master’s degree must accrue 3,000 hours of post-degree counseling experience in not less than a two year period, with at least 100 hours accrued in the immediate physical presence the supervisor.

In addition, in order to be eligible for Licensed Professional Counselor status, the National Counselor Exam must be taken and passed.

Approach To Services

Our supervisory efforts and approaches are based on years of successful undergraduate/graduate school teaching experience, relationship, best practices and promising approaches as identified in research and the code of ethics.

Program services are founded upon traditional mental health approaches, time tested business principles and creativity.

LET offers three different program components. Participants are only required to take part in the basic supervision component.

Basic Supervision

Group Supervision: Monthly gatherings (4 hours) that review caseloads, offers Q/A session, discusses trends in the field, guest speakers, etc.

Individual Supervision/Mentoring: As needed/requested, informal one-on-one sessions (1 hour) that provides personal attention, intentional brainstorming, insightful strategies, etc.

Communication: Unlimited monthly communication via phone, email, text, etc.

Professional Residencies

NCE Study Course Residency: A total of 30-60 hours of classroom instruction, review sessions, study strategies and assignments regarding the following 9 content areas of the national exam:

  1. Human Growth/Development
  2. Helping Relationships
  3. Career/Lifestyle Development
  4. Research/Program Evaluation
  5. Counseling Field Experience
  6. Assessment/Testing
  7. Social/Cultural Foundations
  8. Group Work/Process
  9. Professional Orientation to Counseling

Counseling Residency: Specific  training (4 – 8 hours) in participant’s areas of interests. The focus is to build competence and skills. The topics are:

  • Grant/Proposal Writing 
  • Play Therapy Techniques
  • Advertising/Marketing Plans
  • Treating Clients (i.e. Bipolar)
  • Testifying In Court
  • Fundraising/Special Appeals
  • Group Facilitation
  • Effective Treatment Plans
  • K-12 Afterschool Programs
  • Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Effective Workplace Supervision
  • Developing Programs From Scratch
  • Childhood Trauma & Abuse/Neglect
  • Developing/Implementing Curriculum
  • Writing/Publishing Your Book
  • The Child Welfare System

Professional Development

Facilitate Free Workshops/Trainings: Opportunity to share your expertise with the general public and market your counseling services.

Book Club: Short term selected readings that feature discussion sessions, skits, etc.

Scholarly Writing/Research: The researching and producing of fresh data and insight regarding current trends in the field and the mental health treatment of clients.


Deposit: A required $200 deposit at the time the professional disclosure statement is signed. The amount is credited towards participant’s account.

Basic Supervision: The fee is a flat rate of $25 per hour ($100 per month).

Professional Development: The fee varies.

Professional Conferences/Residencies: The classroom instruction/training  fees range from $100 to $700 per conference/residency. Where applicable, the fee does not include the cost of materials, study guides, textbooks, hotel accommodations, transportation, etc.

Service Delivery

Monthly group supervision sessions will take place on the weekend. Professional Development and Professional Conferences/Residencies vary in their time, location, frequency, etc.


Participant’s engagement in services will be documented via sign-in sheets, performance and clinical notes and a running log.

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