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Descriptions & Formats


Refresher Workshop  (Track I):

The sessions last 3 hours in length each and provide a review of the most critical components of each NCE test content area. Each week (8 weeks in length) a different content area is focused on. Total face-to-face hours (24 hrs).

Focus Workshop (Track II):

Sessions provide specific and extensive instruction on a single specific NCE content area.  Focus workshops are 4 weeks in length and last 3 hours each. Total face-to-face hours (12 hrs).

Classic Workshop (Track III):

Designed for students interested in enrolling in two workshops concurrently, this workshop is for 8 weeks and meets for 4 hours.  Students who enroll in track III and fail the NCE will have their re-take exam paid for and given a 50% refund.

Independent Study (Track IV):

The sessions are a unique learning opportunity for individuals who desire instruction that is delivered in a non-traditional manner (i.e. one-on-one tutoring, SKYPE).  The sessions last 3 hours each and are 4 weeks in length. Total face-to-face hours (12 hrs).

Standard Workshop Topics:

  • Counseling Appraisal/Statistics
  • Research & Assessment/Testing
  • Careers Path & Development
  • Counseling Theories  & Approaches
  • Human Growth & Development
  • Social/Cultural Ethical
  • Helping Relationships
  • Group Process

Course Schedule—Flint, Mi:

Week 1: Sunday January 7, 2018: Statistics (Dr. Recco Richardson)

Week 2: Sunday January 14, 2018: Research & Assessment/Testing (Dr. Recco Richardson)

Week 3: Sunday January 21, 2018: Career  Development (Melissa Sweet)

Week 4: Sunday January 28, 2018: Human Growth & Development (Liz Curd)

Week 5: Sunday  February 4, 2018: Counseling Theories (Melissa Sweet)

Week 6: Sunday February 11, 2018: Helping Relationships (Elsa Heenan)

Week 7: Sunday February 18, 2018  Social/Cultural Ethical (Liz Curd )

Week 8: Sunday February 25, 2018: Group Process (Elsa Heenan)

Note: Dr. Recco will be present at courses that he is not instructing. He will serve as the instructors’ aid/class aid.

Lansing, MI: Due to low registration, class sessions will not be held in Lansing this cycle.



Our instructors are Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) or they are  Limited Licensed Professional Counselors (LLPC) that have passed the NCE (within the last 3 years).

Our Success:

To date, 100 percent of our participants passed the NCE on their first attempt. We believe that the students’ success on the exam is due to:

  1. Instructors’ putting forth good effort and having good teaching skills.
  2. Our ability to build rapport and relationship with students.
  3. Decisions to follow best practices and promising approaches.
  4. A commitment to follow traditional mental health approaches, time tested business principles and creativity.


Workshop Enrollment Size:  

The maximum enrollment for a workshop is 10-12 persons.

Workshop Content:

Our curriculum covers 8 of the 9 content areas (counseling field experience is not a specific course, but is referenced and discussed) found on the NCE.

  1. Human Growth/Development
  2. Social/Cultural Foundations
  3. Helping Relationships
  4. Group Work/Process
  5. Career/Lifestyle Development
  6. Assessment/Testing
  7. Research/Program Evaluation
  8. Professional Orientation to Counseling
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