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An Intensive Prevention/Intervention Program

Program Overview:

The Youth Behavior Treatment Day Program (YBTDP) is a week-end based intensive and
impactful 30-day prevention/intervention program that targets female and male youth ages 7 –12. The ideal youth struggles with school problems/school suspensions, life changes, mental health issues, arguing with adults, relationship problems, anger, parental divorce, etc. YBTDP intends to enhance participant’s emotional healthiness, sense of direction, self love and bond/attachment. The services are designed to help youth overcome developing themes and ongoing social, emotional, educational and family barriers. We are not a cure for all negative behaviors or negative emotions in that youth and families are unique and respond differently. It can be expected that we will provide motivation and a meaningful step in the right direction.

Statement of Need:

Children all over the world have a long history of being at-risk of abuse, neglect, violence, underachievement, poor processing, engagement in risk-taking behaviors, etc. As well, they can be given to poor decision making, anger, depression, low confidence, isolation and trauma. In some communities, upwards of 70 percent of children are being raised in a single parent homes, foster home or by a non-custodial parent. Research indicates that the previously stated can become barriers and disrupt a youth’s developmental stages. Within American culture, childhood mental health symptoms and disorders (i.e. ADHD, Bi-Polar, Anxiety) are increasing. For student learner’s grades K-12, learning disability, emotionally impaired and otherwise health impaired certifications are increasing.

Services Provided:

 Groups (treatment/support)

 Counseling (individual/family)
 Mentoring (group)

 Visits (home/school)
 Activities (psycho-educational)

 Parenting Workshops

Program’s Intent:

Our intent is to help younger youth overcome various barriers, especially that involving
negative school behaviors/progress, poor relationships and mental health issues. Efforts will be made to address core issues that serve as life barriers. The goal is for participants to build solid relationships, cope with conflict and communicate effectively. YBTDP places an emphasis on the need for youth to express themselves, heal from emotional pain, address their issues of loss/grief, be inspired to dream, gain a support system and feel safe.

Curriculum & Treatment Approaches:
Psycho-educational class material are based on best practices or promising approaches as identified in research. The selected curriculum has standard learning objectives and pre/post tests material. Our treatment/support groups are founded upon traditional mental health intervention approaches such as play therapy, cognitive behavior, psychotherapy, etc.

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