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The ABLE Program


At RSRC, we “Help youth emotionally, socially and academically”

I designed the Adolescents for Better Learner Endeavors program for a local district. This program supports middle school and high school students that are at risk of repeating a grade, facing multiple suspensions if not expulsions from school, and/or do not seem to be responding to other support systems that the school has in place.

My job is two fold: raise their grades and decrease their behavior referrals. Given my background in children’s psychology, I am trained to facilitate the needed conversations of accountability, performance, and life after high school to return hope to the students I work with. Through intensive, high quality programming, 60% of our students received higher grades with my program and 40% received less disciplinary referrals. By these statistics, and several others, the ABLE program not only works, it also increases the productivity of the student which is in direct alignment with how many years the student stays with the program. After three or four years of involvement, the student is passing all of his or her classes and rarely, if ever, visits the disciplinary room.

So, what do you say? Are ABLE to join?

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