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Program Costs

Participant’s Cost:

YBTDP does not bill insurance companies. A minimum of Level I participation is required. The private pay fees can be paid by cash, check, money order or cashier’s check. The cost is:

 Treatment/Support Group ($15.00 hr.)       Individual/Family Counseling ($70.00 hr.)
 Family Support Services ($50.00 hr.)          Other Services As Needed (TBA)

Cost Specifics:

 Full payment must be made at least 10 days prior to the start of the program date.
 Payment should be made payable to: Recco S. Richardson Consulting, Inc. and can be mailed to 2500 S. Linden Rd, P.O. Box 321252.
 All but a $25 administration fee will be returned in the event of a cancellation 3 days prior to the program start day. The entire fee can be transferred to a future weekend experience.

Service Delivery:

YBTDP offers three levels of program participation. Parents select the level of programming that best meets their family’s needs with or without the assistance of staff members.

Level I (19 hrs of face-to- face contact)

Youth take part in two consecutive weekends of programming (Sat. 9 am – 1 pm & Sun. 9 am – 1 pm). This totals 16 hours of contact (including 2 meals). Parents take part in 3 hours of parent education (Sat.10 am-11:30 am). Cost: $240.00


Level II (24 hrs of face-to- face contact)

In addition to taking part in Level I programming, a total of 5 hours of face-to- face home/community-based visits take place. Cost: $490.00


Level III (30 hrs of face-to- face contact)

This level features participation in Level I and Level II programming, along with 6 hours of individual/family counseling sessions. Cost: $910.00



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