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 For NCE Test Takers  

The below framework governs my NCE workshops and is what you can expect from the program.

  1. Course material is relevant and responsive.
  2. Instructors/teachers are adequately prepared to teach, impart and motivate adult learners.
  3. Teaching standardized national test preparation requires a different approach which takes into account student learner’s experiences, strengths, perspectives and previous academic training.
  4. The usage of external assets and additional resources during test preparation is extremely important.
  5. Test takers need systems in place for resolving anxiety, low confidence and worry regarding taking a test.
  6. Critical to passing a national test is the ability for students to plan, decision make and gain personal comfort regarding the material.
  7. Test takers benefit from securing a consistent and meaningful connection to study material and other concepts.
  8. The ability to read and infer when answering multiple choice questions (on national exams) is critical.
  9. The role of teachers/instructors is to set the tone for learning and the securing of additional confidence.
  10. Effective teachers/instructors are able to adapt their instruction to the needs of adult learners.
  11. Outstanding teachers/instructors have a deep conviction and desire to help students learn.
  12. To pass national exams, a connection between the material and the student’s knowledge base is important.
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