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Costs & Payment Methods

I believe that education is the currency needed to achieve social mobility and create a better life for yourself and your family. While I understand that the NCE courses are expensive, investing in your education is also investing in your future job security. Also, there are discounts and payment plans available.

Payment Options: Payment can be made online by using a credit or debit card. 7 days before the workshop, I accept the following payment methods (via United States Postal Mail): Personal checks, Money orders and Cashier checks. In the event that it is 1 day or 6 days prior to the workshop, and you still have yet to complete your payment, I suggest contacting me immediately at to further discuss your options.


NCE Workshop: Refresher

Refresher Workshop  (Track I) The sessions last 3 hours in length each and provide a review of the most critical components of the NCE test content area. Each week (8 weeks in length) a different content area is focused on. Total face-to-face hours  (24 hrs); Cost: $647.00. 



NCE Workshop: Focus

Focus  Workshop (Track II) Sessions provide specific and extensive instruction on a single specific NCE content area.  Focus workshops are 4 weeks in length and last 3 hours each. Total face-to-face hours (12 hrs); Cost: $497.00.



NCE Workshop: Classic

Classic  Workshop  (Track III) Designed for students interested in enrolling in two workshops concurrently, this workshop is for 8 weeks and meets for 4 hours.  Students who enroll in track III and fail the NCE will have their re-take exam paid for and given a 50% refund; Cost: $997.00.



NCE Workshop: Independent Study

Independent Study (Track IV) The sessions are a unique learning opportunity for individuals who desire instruction that is delivered in a non-traditional manner (i.e. one-on-one tutoring, SKYPE).  The sessions last 3 hours each and are 4 weeks in length. Total face-to-face hours (12 hrs); Cost: $697.00. 



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